World War Robot







Q: Just a simple and yet very important question for all WWR fans, can you please tell what is going to be next WWR bot release and will we see it at Bamba till the end of the year? Been rooting for Bertie for a while!  

A: Alberto and BERTIE MK2 1/6th this year, oh and the BIRDCAGE which is a Square variant, but a big difference.. you will see.


A: Alberto(阿尔贝托)和1/6的Bertie MK2 会在年内问世,对了还有BIRDCAGE(鸟笼),它是一款方块的变种,但和以往又有很大很大的区别。。。很快你就会看到!


Q: You mentioned 10” Shadow and WWR Alberto in the comments on your Instagram, can you please share more details about them and when they might become available? Both

A: This year, little shadow is well little shadow, Alberto is the last of the Bertie heritage in the WWR story.

Q: 您在instagram上提到了10"的小影子和WWR的Alberto,可以说说一些关于他们的消息吗?



Q: Can you divulge any information on future releases for WWR EVOL? Will there be more Deep Powder or winter style colorways for new bots? Itching for some new robots in 1/6th and 1/12th scales.

A: Well you will see soon, as the MK2 Bertie and Alberto will answer these questions, even the new BIRDCAGE SQUARE covers some of this. I don’t want to get too ahead of them with info, won’t be long though!

Q: 在今后的WWR EVOL故事中,还会有更多的Deep Powder(雪地配色的一种)或者冬日配色的机器人出现吗?迫切想要入更多的机器人(1/6和1/12的都想要)!

A: 你很快就会看见新的机器人发售,MK2的Bertie(伯蒂/药丸)Alberto会给你答案的,包括Birdcage Square(之前QA提到过的一种变种方块)。我不想剧透太多,请拭目以待!


Q: Did Herbert/Spencer steal Rothchild’s schematics to make the upcoming Alberto model? The H/S designs we’ve seen so far look very Rothchild in their aesthetics, will we see any radically different-looking designs?

A: Steal is a harsh word, inspired more like, H/S understand that change must be gradual and almost invisible.

Q: 是不是H/S窃取了Rothchild的设计图,然后制造了Alberto原型机(圆形肩甲的Bertie)?从目前来看,H/S所设计出来的机器人在美学上讲很类似Rothchild设计的,我们会见到任何有突破的机体设计吗?

A: 偷这个词眼有些刺耳,应该说是从Rothchild那借鉴灵感才对!H/S很清楚“变化”是要悄然而生的 。


Q: If Alberto is the last of the Bertie heritage in the WWR story, does that mean there’s no chance for the previously mentioned Bertie MK4, Bertie Fatty MK6, FLAK Bertie, Bertie Hammerhead and Bertie +?

A: I never said he was last ? did I? There are many Berties, but to be honest only you guys can make them happen by supporting the line, the large robots are a break even affair at the best of times! In a meta way you guys are the Earth and Mars factions buying the bots, and 3A is Rothchild or H/S selling them. Our fortunes rise and fall on you! Alberto is a H/S robot, not Bertie linage etc.

Q: 如果Alberto是WWR故事里最后一款Bertie(贝蒂/药丸)系列的产物,这是否意味着先前提到过的Bertie MK4,Bertie Fatty MK6, FLAK Bertie, Bertie Hammerhead以及Bertie +将不会出现?

A: 我从没说过Alberto(阿尔伯特)是最后一款(Ash官方辟谣),我说过吗真的?老实说,只有你们对WWR的支持才能让这一切实现!大尺寸机器人卖的最好的时候一般都是才刚刚保本!举个例子,你们大伙就是要采购机器人的地球联邦或者火星势力,而我们3A就是像Rothchild或者H/S一样的供应商!我们的收益高低完全取决于你们啊!Alberto是一款H/S产机器人,并不是正统的Bertie(药丸)系列!