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World War Robot(机器人战争、世界战争机器人,简称为WWR) 是一部有Ashley Wood和TPLouise创作的插画小说。书的内容主要以零散的文字描述和相对应的插图,从小故事来讲述一个庞大的故事。

内容的种类很多,内容都基于1980-1990年代发生的一场,被人称作世界大战(Great War*注1)的虚构战争,以当事人的角度写下的日记、报道及通讯记录等等。

World War Robot - A story based around a group of humans leaving Earth and settling on Mars due to their different believes compared to those living on Earth, which Earth subsequently does not appreciate and eventually goes to war with Mars and both sides utilize warbots in their ongoing conflict which are all manufactured by Darwin Rothchild. 

The Great War takes place between multiple different factions; the most obvious are the Martians, humans who have left Earth and settled on Mars seeking refuge, and the Terrans those who remain on Earth and seek to subdue the Martians to their fanatic religious ideals with violent means. Both sides utilize warbots in their ongoing conflict. Most of these are manufactured by Darwin Rothchild, but there has also been mention of Hobson and Dolch, a competitor of Rothchild (Corporation). Furtherfactions within the war include N.O.M. and M.O.D.. Due to the storytelling format that Ashley Wood and TP Louise have closen, many plot details are left open to the imagination of fans as the story and universe is explored in greater depth with each book release.

WWR format figures are 1/6th scale toys of the various bots and humans of the WWR Universe, while their smaller WWRp counterparts are half that size at 1/12th scale.

World War Robot; 

Earth Coalition - The Coalition of all of Earth's forces, united in a conflict against Mars and the humans who fled to this planet because of their differences. 
Mars - A band of humans of an unknown size who have escaped to Mars due to their believes not being appreciated on Earth. Currently in war against the Earth Coalition because of ongoing attacks from the Earth Coalition. 
Darwin Rothchild - The creator and CEO of The Rothchild Corporation, inventor and creator of all the warbots used in the World War Robot war. Currently residing on the Moon due to his safety not being guaranteed on Earth any longer. 
NOM, N.O.M. - A faction in World War Robot which sides with neither the Earth Coalition (Religious to a point at which they do not allow another belief on their world) or the Martians (atheists who left Earth to live on Mars) and are fighting their war to reunite humanity. Their logo and believes are based on the trinity in which humanity must exist and one day return. 
MOD - A faction which is still veiled in secrecy in World War Robot, they modify and hack robots to suite their own purposes (whichever those may be) and are so proficient in it some say they have even achieved to hack the Lunar Defence Armstrong unit, the personal guardians of the Moon, the home base of Darwin Rothchild, and which has never been successfully captured before, and they are also both hated and feared by N.O.M. who view MOD as their only real threat. 
Nom de Plume - His allegiance is not certain, it is known he was/is a member of N.O.M. And possesses certain powers such as being able to communicate with robots and changing his skin colour to suit his purpose. The toys are named differently to accommodate for his changing appearance but they are all Nom de plume. 
Grunts - Terran (Earth Coalition) soldiers. 
Reds - Martian soldiers.

注1*: Great War字面含义为伟大战争或者大战,但是按照西方对第一次世界大战的称呼习惯为Great War,二战则是World War II,所以这里翻译作世界大战。